Screen management


Show screen management. Push and hold an empty place in the workscreen.

Add new screen. Push the add button, above the selected page (min 00:10)

Sort screens. Push and hold the selected screen and move it to desired place (min 00:24)

Remove screens. Push and hold the selected screen and drag and drop in bottom of the screen (min 00:35)

Set default screen. Push the home button, above the selected page (min 00:47)



Show category list. Push on category icon in apps drawer or drag from left to rigth like in the video (min 00:10)

Hide apps. To hide apps from “All apps” list, edit this list and unselect the apps. A new category appears named “Uncategorized”. Also you can hide this category.

Sort categories. To sort categories push and drag the category left icon (min 00:22)

Edit / remove own categories. Push on category right icon and select option

Folders Customization


Add applications quickly. Open a folder and push on the bottom rigth icon (min 00:10)

Wrap folders. This mode if you touch the folder the first application is opened and swipe up or down on the folder open this (min 00:56)

Set the folder appearance. From folder appearance settings you can set the background color, font style, font color, transtition, etc… (min 02:03)

Install Templates


Custom Widget Templates.
You can create your custom widgets (tutorials hopefully coming up) and share them with your friends.

You can install templates shared from different sources (like email, social networks, your preferred cloud storage…)