16th Jan 2013

ADW Group Management

This tutorial demonstrates how to create app drawer groups, how to set up groups as well as how to delete groups. All of these actions are done from within the...

04th Nov 2012

ADW Actionbar removal and Resize screens

This tutorial shows how to remove the Actionbar in ADWLauncher along with how to Resize the screens. To remove the Actionbar: Long-press on any home screen or press the menu...

29th Oct 2012

ADW Icons Folders and Customization

This tutorial showcases the new way to make folders in ADWLauncher along with how to edit folders and icons. To edit icons: Just double tap on the icon you wish...

26th Oct 2012

ADW desktop of the week

This is reserved to showcase the ADWLauncher desktop¬†of the week. This week’s configuration is by klinster SUMMARY Screen Shots The Resources Screens configuration ADWSettings to Change Customized Icons Apps Configuration...

26th Oct 2012

ADW Backup/Restore

Imagine you just spent a lot of time configuring and tweaking ADW Launcher and suddenly you want to try a different configuration, or your son removes some things from the...