ADW Launcher Update:
If you want some information regarding the development and stuff that happened recently, check here:

  • Removed the “Screen Lock” feature as Google Play changed some policies
  • New advanced setting to tweak the long-press timeout
  • Add a ‘View in Play Store’ popup shortcut
  • Stability improvements and fixed issues
  • New option to show a fixed search bar in the app drawer
  • The old “Accent color” app drawer option is now available for all drawer types and applies the selected color to scrollbars, search bar, etc.
  • Added the “Accent color” option to folders too
  • Stability improvements and fixed issues
  • New option to close or not folders when launching apps from them
  • Fully redesigned the edit icon/folder dialogs, now is easier and faster select different icons
  • Now you can use custom icon in folders
  • Now you can edit the App Drawer icons. When an App Drawer icon is edited (Global icon), the desktop/dock icons can be manually changed independently
  • Added a new icon picker to select icons from externals icon packs, hopefully fixing all those icon packs that didn’t allow manual icon selection
  • A couple new wrap folder indicators to choose from
  • New option to choose if the folder (previews) icons are the same size than regular icons or “a little bit bigger” (default)
  • Added new option to show App Drawer category list in Tabs (No, no swipe to change category yet, sorry). To activate go to ADW SETTINGS / APP DRAWER / Style tab / Show category in tabs)
  • Added new option to enable multiline texts in Desktop, Folders or App Drawer (go to Icon Appearance / Folder Appearance and App Drawer / Text tab)
  • Added new option to context menu icon to clear notification badges (icons and folders)
  • New option to change the color of Folder Icon Badges (Folder Appearance / Style tab / Badges section)
  • Added new “Convert Case” option to Text Layers in Custom Widget Editor
  • New slide-up-zoom-out open app transition as requested by the community
  • Added 4 new icon compositions to use when you’re in love (late Valentine, sorry!)
  • Added support for Direct Dial icons on android API 23+ by using the runtime permissions
  • Translations