It’s been a really long time without updates for ADW.Launcher, really really long time.

ADWLauncher Ex was updated “more recently“, but from now on things are gonna be different.


Since ADW/Ex, both applications share a common core, making them easier to maintain and improve. Expect much more from this, really.


Maybe some of you wonder why the free ADW.Launcher version went from 1.3.6 to It seems a downgrade, but it isn’t. As I’ve reworked both application’s core from the ADW Ex codebase, I decided to stick with ADWEx version codes. That’s all.

This is the “complete” changelog, but there’s much more under the hood.

Latest changes:

  • Revamped engine to merge ADW/ADWEx functionalities.
  • Settings to modify icon sizes
  • Settings to modify text colors, shadows, etc
  • New visual configuration helper
  • New ADWSetup screen for an easier way to add items and access tweaking functionality
  • Improved android compatibility from 1.6 to 4.1!
  • New visual AppWidget picker (android 4.1+ only)
  • New theme engine with improved support for most popular launcher themes
  • New ADWSettings layout
  • New animations when moving desktop items
  • Fling desktop items to send them to the trash
  • New optional ActionBar for most common actions
  • New desktop transitions
  • New desktop indicators
  • New way to hide apps from your app drawer
  • New app drawer tabs to manage unlimited application groups
  • New app drawer visual styles
  • New app drawer open/close animations
  • New gestures settings to perform common actions
  • New easy way to manage folders
  • New different folder visual styles
  • New folder previews styles
  • Manually reorder folder contents by drag-and-drop
  • Double tap desktop icons to bring up editing menu
  • Double tap desktop icons to bring up editing menu
  • Long press desktop Widgets to bring up editing menu
  • New easy way to adjust screen sizes/margins
  • New backup/restore system